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It is an entity from the world of the dead associated with fairness, balance and revenge. All those who have always been in areas where there are murders at the hands of criminals.

This entity spectral kills people who do evil well, if you have committed a crime to know what you've done and the night will come to kill you wherever you are.

Featured paranormal investigators have made a thorough investigation of these events and they will occur and concluded that occur due to the actions of a ghost may be before someone in life that was dedicated to fighting crime and a of these struggles against, was murdered but is only a hypothesis we are not near the truth. said one of the researchers interviewed.

The city of New York where they are producing these strange phenomena now lives on the lookout for something supernatural justice imparts his disregard for the law or law enforcement. The members of the most influential mafias neighborhoods feel no fear, even more, take it to laugh because they think they are inventions of many druggies hooked on heroin and you meet in the street but some, if they think there "something" that kills criminals ...

To know the origin of these phenomena first I have to tell who he was, how he died and that he has become.

William hooding Crime Sentencing alias. At night, the leader of a secret organization that fights crime in New York. During the day, the head of a major arms company.

After losing her sister at the hands of criminals who assaulted him one night, determined to avenge her death and hunt down those responsible, swear that this city never innocent suffer attacks of gangs and other criminals though it means his own death. During these years, he suffered deep depression for almost freak out. All he had was his father and the support of some friends but yet take the business forward pressure surpassing countries bought their weapons until one day he decided that he would not give up and keep fighting.
Left his father's company management while Eligio enlist in the Army for a while but after about five years, would desert despite the consequences that this decision would cause. All this was part of the plan that William had intended.
During his service in the Army learned many survival skills, defense and attack enemies with weapons and psychologically trained to analyze the human mind and discovering its weaknesses.

There he met Kazama, a recruit who became his friend who also defected for unknown reasons but, later, William discovered that it belonged to a kind of secret order of ninjas in which William became a member after overcoming a tough test that almost cost him his life but finally got out unharmed.

One day, thinking of her sister's death, William Kazama told that in the past, was head of a major arms company. His intention was that by the order of the material Kazama and William followed provide their knowledge learned in the Army avenge the death of his sister besides justice in New York. Kazama, at first refused because his philosophy was to fight against other clans but eventually agreed and hence became the Judgment of Evil

The Kazama Ninjas were highly trained in the art of killing with knives especially katanas and throwing weapons. The first few days were able to kill most of the gangs that controlled the Bronx and other neighborhoods where the police did not dare to enter, at least, without calling the SWAT.

All was well until one day, one of the members of the organization founded by William, betrayed them. An ambush that killed Kazama addition of William.

The promise of William and deep hatred made to give her back to life but not as a human but as an immortal from the Hell because of the large amount of
people who had killed mercilessly.


United States

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Anna-Autobot12 Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo Jeff, head over to my gallery. I think you'll know which is yours, hope you like it cx
Thank you very much, really :3 I like it.
Anna-Autobot12 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad, sorry it took so long, but I'm just happy I finally got it to you cx
vikhop May 16, 2013  Student General Artist
hey :) perdon por la larga espera, aqui esta el link [link]
te intent้ etiketar pero no supe como :/
espero q sea de tu agrado n.n
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